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I’ve been away for a few days and just had the opportunity to read my comments . . . To read what some of you wrote, you’d think I was writhing on the floor with a foamy mouth because I’m overreacting to an article that struck my interest and seems (IMHO) to foretell of things to come.

What really amuses me, is aside from the comments I wrote in response to the “tut-tutting” of some readers, I didn’t interject much of a personal opinion regarding the articles.  Simply a sentence or two.  I copied the articles, pasted them into my blog with appropriate credits given, for your reading pleasure and contemplation.

If anyone is overreacting, it is those who are determined to insist that I’m sitting there with a “tin-foil hat” foaming at the mouth in fear, when nothing could be further from the truth . . .

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  1. Hey, I am with you. Some people don’t take things like microchips implanted into hands very seriously, but I find it to be a little alarming. I guess not too many people out there understand the Bible and the prophesies contained therein. So, it does not surprise me that people will willingly accept the “mark” in the last days. Everyone is totally desensitized and secularized to everything going on around them.


  2. I’m not afraid of what’s to come because I know who my Saviour is.  But I fear for those who take the potential use of technology so lightly . . . there are so many who laugh things off and will be caught off guard when time speeds towards its conclusion.  You and I know that each person must come to repentance and relationship with God of their own free will.  I don’t know if these chips are the predecessors of the mark.  Maybe they’re not.  But knowing the purposes for which some technology is created, and then how it is adapted to other uses makes me think that it wouldn’t take much for this to be so adapted to less than holy purposes.
    Being an IP girl and all, you can understand what I’m talking about!


  3. Soliver571 — not offended — just amazed at how far off you are in your assessment of my mindset.
    Intermodal — IP as in Intellectual Property.  Before staying home with my daughter, I was a legal secretary for 3 intellectual property lawyers and a legal assistant with a major Houston firm.  I spent my days preparing patent and trademark applications for biochemical inventions (and other technological advances) . . . now there’s some fodder for paranoid daydreams . . .
    Anyway, my prior field of employ makes it pretty hysterical that anyone would say I am afraid of technology, since it paid my bills and put food on the table . . .


  4. Your postings lend creedence to my assessment.  I recognize the potential problems with new technologies, but I’m not going to see it as a sign of the Endtimes.  Or the Illuminati, or the Bildeburgers (or maybe Build-A-Burgers?) or the triangular shaped craft that seem to defy physics or the flying creatures that appear to be pterydactyls that you can see if you just take the time to look up (WAY too much late night “conspiracy radio”).  I’m much too jaded to buy into conspiracies and that’s what you present.

    “Makin’ the Call”


  5. I didn’t present “conspiracies” — I presented a fact-based article written by a respected journalist for open-minded consideration of what could result from existent technology.
    Most of the things you mention as conspiracies, I’ve never even heard of.  Seems to me that you’re more obsessed with conspiracies than I.  The only “conspiracy” movie I’ve ever seen was “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts.  Good flick — I’m a Mel fan.  But it was just a movie.
    You’re not as “cute” as you think you are with your “tin-foil hat” and “makin’ the call” comments.  This is my place for posting things that I think are relevant for consideration.  You can give your opinion regarding those postings, but you will not be sarcastic and rude in your comments.  Respect is a requirement for the privilege of posting comments on my blog.
    In the future, if you choose to post a comment, I would appreciate your keeping that in mind.  Otherwise, don’t waste time posting.


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