Thank you . . .

I really appreciate all the great thoughts and prayers you’ve sent our way.  It’s quite encouraging to know that there are people with hearts still on the planet (you wouldn’t know, based on the evening news sometimes).

Several of you mentioned the pups would help — and you were right.  Last night, AJ and I settled in for the evening . . . he in his recliner and me on the couch . . . each with a black puppy under one arm for comfort.  They are so sweet and I think Sydney would be proud of how loving they were to a couple of wounded people-pups.

The profile pic to the left is of Tina.  She’s got a magnolia seed pod in her chompers.  They’re all over the yard and she loves to chomp, chomp, chomp on them.  She’s rather partial to pecans, too.   Odd dog.  Just the way we like ’em.

7 thoughts on “

  1. If guys would just get a clue . . . taking out the trash without being asked would GO SO FAR in getting them what they want . . .
    You mean…be considerate?  Not just sit in front of the TV and watch sports?  Maybe help around the house, do the dishes or a load of laundry now and then?  Run the vacuum cleaner once a week?  Come home early from work and take the family out for a nice dinner?
    I dunno, paying for a Jaguar is a lot easier than that! 

    [I hope you realize I’m kidding.]


  2. my wife’s cousin has a dog that loves it when people finish drinks that come in plastic bottles, because then they put the lid back on really tight and throw it on the floor, and he sits there and unscrews the lid. It’s his favorite thing in the world!


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