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  1. It’s very similar to dealing with our children. We want to keep them safe all the time, but we can’t. There comes a point where we have to let go. It will either be ok, or it won’t.Your grief will ebb until it becomes a small ache that you feel from time-to-time. Trust me on this. I’ve been through it several times now.And trust me on this as well, you didn’t let her down. Regardless of the circustances, what happened, happened. Beating yourself to death over it won’t change that.I wish you well.


  2. You didn’t let her down! You did all you could have possibly done – and she knew you loved her, when you put her in the truck, and when you chased down the vet and visited her at the last. It is so hard, I know! But you did not let her down, and she knows that, too.*hugs*


  3. We’re always hardest on ourselves when things like this happen. It’s easy to blame yourself, or to feel as if you let her down. But, you and your family loved her for a long time…I honestly believe she knew that, and she felt that when you immediately rushed to take care of her when you found her.
    Please don’t beat yourself up over it. Just rejoice in the time you had with her. Give it time, and it will pass. Take care.


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