I would appreciate it if you all would pray for my dog, Sydney . . .

This morning, my dog was hit by a  car.  We always let our Australian Shepherd, Sydney, outside for a bit in the mornings . . . I run Jami down the street to school (a mere 1/2 mile away) and when I get back, I let the dog back in.  Well, this morning as I was about to turn into our driveway, I noticed a truck further down the road going around something in the middle of the road.  I don’t know why, but I knew almost immediately that it was Sydney.

I raced down there, put on my hazards and hopped out to get her.  She was lying on her side, blood bubbling around her nose.  A neighbor coming from the other direction stopped and got out to help me.  I couldn’t tell how badly she was hurt, but Richard managed to pick her up and lay her across the back seat of my pickup truck.  I went straight to the vet’s, no purse, no driver’s license, no nothing.  Just me and Syd.

When we got there, the office was still closed.  Our vet actually has a mobile clinic (http://www.mobilevetbc.com/), with a physical address where he operates a kennel and recovery clinic for animals with lengthy recoveries their families may not feel qualified to care for.  The driveway to the clinic is long and there’s a gate across the entrance.  I started to head for our vet’s house, but then thought better of it, since we might pass each other enroute.  So I turned off the truck and jogged down the length of the drive to see if there was anyone at the clinic.  No such luck.

I walked next door to see if I could borrow the phone.  An elderly gentleman (probably 80 – 85) answered the door.  Hard of hearing, but he was very kind and let me call Dr. Suazo.  Dr. Suazo said that his staff should be arriving shortly and he would be there as quickly as possible.

By the time I’d gotten back to the truck, Amanda was pulling up in the drive.  She opened the gate and we both trucked it down to the clinic.  She carried Sydney inside and began stabilizing her with medications for shock and by warming her with a heating pad and towels.  I tried to stay out of the way, but she looked so helpless lying on the metal treatment table. 

Dr. Suazo arrived and looked her over.  He said that she had no apparent injuries to her body, but that she must have taken the hit head-on.  It appeared the impact was on the left side of her head.  He told me that they’d given her something for pain and enough steroids for a horse (to control inflammation).  He said it was a good sign that she’d lasted this long, and really all that could be done now was to wait and see how she responded. 

He encouraged me that they’ve seen several patients hit by cars recently that had similar injuries and that they’d recovered.  So . . . hopefully, she will be like them.

I called a while ago for an update and they said she was still stable and that her temperature was normal.  I’m going to call again in a bit to see how she’s doing.

This old girl is eleven years old.  We got her when she was a puppy — July 1993.  AJ helped a friend build a pole barn for his horses to pay for her.  She’s so sweet and she doesn’t act old at all.  I will be so sad if she doesn’t make it.  Please, please keep her in your prayers.

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