I posted this in my comments section, but then decided to make it a regular entry — I wanted to be sure that it was read by those participating in the back and forth:

WOW!  I had no idea when I posted the little funny that my DEMOCRAT friend sent me that it would provoke such a firestorm.  Yes, my best friend since 7th grade sent me that little ha-ha and she only recently voted Republican because she’s disgusted with the litigation abuses of the likes of John Edwards, et al.  (As we all know, the greedy legal abuses of ambulance chasers drive up the costs of goods and services for everyone, thus depriving us all of goods and services that are perfectly safe because companies are afraid to similar lawsuits.)

Darkstar218, you can post anything you want on my website anytime.  You are my hero!  Your wife is a blessed woman, and your child(ren), too!

Before I got to your comment regarding the parable of the 10 talents, I was thinking, “has this kid ever heard the parable of the 10 talents?” and then, boom!  You said it for me!  Another that came to mind was the scripture that says (and forgive me for not knowing chapter and verse off the top of my head) that the man who does not provide for his family is worse than the infidel.  To me, this means that you do whatever you have to in order to provide for your family.  So you were a computer geek that got laid off . . . and you can’t find a job computer geeking?  Dig ditches, flip burgers, re-train for something different. 

My husband is an educator — he has almost 20 years of teaching in the public schools and the prison system under his belt.  For a short period of time he was unemployed.  He couldn’t find a job teaching.  Do you know what he did?  He went to work for a car dealership.  Yes, he was a car salesman.  No, he didn’t wear the plaid pants, and he always dealt with potential customers ethically.  But to go from academia to selling cars — it was very difficult for him.

But he did it rather than take a handout from the government.  During that time, he also helped a friend with a construction business bust up old tile in a school (with a jackhammer) and lay the new tile.  The friend’s wife stopped by the job site to bring them lunch and she was seriously worried about my husband.  It was physically demanding work for someone used to teaching and when he got home he was exhausted and had blisters all over his hands.  But he did it.

We’re not wealthy people dollar-wise.  But we are conservative Republicans because the wealth of freedom is more than enough for us.  To choose the liberal path would mean having the government control our lives in every aspect and it’s too great a price to pay considering the sacrifices of those who’ve come before us to give us the gift of freedom.

I’m not afraid of people like Yourmagicalgoat (what kind of name is that?) and their comments.  It would be convenient to block their comments, but then I would be stealing the very freedom of speech from them that I value with my very being.  So post away, liberals — we may read your comments, or we may exercise our freedom to ignore them.  But we will not ever deny you the right to post them.  :0)

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  1. You’re a lot more tolerant than I am.  I am no more inclined to allow slander on my weblog than I am to tolerate it being spray-painted on my house.  What someone says on his weblog is his business; what he says on mine is my business.


  2. The testimony you gave about your husband’s work ethic is AWE inspiring and gives GLORY to God who enables us to work.  Please tell your husband that I hold him in the utmost, highest respect!
    I, too, was unemployed for a time.  I worked every odd job / sales job I could to keep food on the table.  And no, I don’t drive a fancy car or have oodles of money either.  There are many months where we’re living on pasta and tomato sauce.  But if I have to work 3 night shifts and weekends to make sure my obligations are met and my family is fed, then that’s what it has to be.


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