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I found it simply amazing that Edwards claimed a vote for Kerry would result in people leaping out of their wheelchairs.  Charles Krauthammer writes a very good article regarding the true value of stem cell research, the fallacy of the “ban” Kerry keeps trying to pin on the President, and the cruelty of false hope extended to people afflicted with paralysis, Altzheimer’s and other diseases without cure.

And there’s always Paul Greenberg . . . this lovely column contains a sweetly sentimental story about his sister and her facinatingly American melting pot of language.  He details how the various places she lived shaped and formed her vocabulary/accent/dialect and how even though she is sometimes difficult to understand, you always know what she means.  Much the same for our verbally challenged W., who may stumble over a word or two, but you always know what he means.  Read it — you’ll enjoy it:

And interesting information from Argent_Paladin regarding John Kerry’s first marriage and how much it meant to him:

And now we see what Kerry really thinks about marriage (Warning: Miss O’Hara, if you are reading this, make sure you don’t have any heavy objects that you might want to hurl at the screen). He divorced his wife of 18 years and two children (teenagers), after 6 years of separation. He left her when she was undergoing a bout of clinical depression and suicidal tendencies. During the 6 years that he was separated, he didn’t exactly act like he was married.




During the period the Kerrys were separated, for instance, the senator apparently felt little constrained by his marital vows. Gossip columns at the time linked him to Morgan Fairchild, Cornelia Guest and even President Reagan’s liberal daughter, Patti Davis. An upcoming Boston Globe expose will reportedly feature details of the Massachusetts Democrat’s 1980s affair with a 25-year-old British reporter.

According to a previous account offered by the paper, the fact that Kerry was still technically married till 1988 “reportedly came as a surprise to some of his frequent companions.”

He got the first marriage annulled despite the protests of his first wife. Perhaps it was because her family was worth only $300 million while Teresa Heinz was worth $600 million. Or perhaps it was because his first wife wasn’t a political wife. Draw your own conclusions.

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