They’d like you to think that they’re normal, middle class guys and gals just like you . . .

But wouldn’t you just love to get a load of what Mrs. Heinz-Kerry and Mrs. Edwards fill their shopping carts with?  Seriously, I would love to see the grocery receipts for these gals.  Do they buy the name-brand stuff or the store-brand to save a few pennies?  If you looked in their showers, would you see Suave or some high-priced salon goop?  One of the things I just loved hearing about Laura Bush when she lived in the Governor’s Mansion here in Texas was that she uses Cover Girl makeup.  The First Lady of the United States of America and I wear the same makeup!  Isn’t that so cool?  And so real.  So normal. 

I have no idea why this thought ran through my mind, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder . . .

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  1. That’s assuming Mrs. Heinz-Kerry and Mrs. Edwards do their own shopping.  I just don’t see Kerry’s wife walking into the Piggly Wiggly with her coupons in hand and her grocery list, asking if Double Coupons day is Wednesdays or Thursdays. 


  2. I think probably what provoked this weird train of thought was a snippet of an article I read recently where Mrs. HK and Mrs. E were being interviewed.  Mrs. E made some comment about shopping sales at Target, and I thought, “Yeah, right . . . ”
    Mrs. HK referred to her college days when she had to live on $250 (I can’t remember if that was a week or a month), but get this — she would have a protein-free day once a week to save money so she could buy flowers.  Yes!  She said she HAD to have flowers, so she gave up meat in order to buy them.
    Poor thing.  I can’t IMAGINE roughing it in that way.


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