Cool Sisters, Hurricanes, Miss O’Hara, and as the King of Siam said, “Etc., etc., etc.” . . .

I love my sister so much.  She came down Friday night and painted my kitchen for me.  I hate to paint.  Absolutely hate to paint.  And she came down with my niece and nephew and painted my kitchen while the kids played and I kept her company.  That’s all I had to do.  Am I lucky, or what?

She’s got exceptionally good taste and helped me pick out the colors months ago.  We painted the cabinets “Dark Indigo” with brushed nickel hardware last year, but I’d been procrastinating on the walls and trim because . . . I hate to paint.  Well, they are now the most beautiful colors.  The walls are “Hot Chowder” and the trim is “Scrimshaw.”  All three are from Alexander Julian’s paint collection at Lowe’s.  My kitchen is simply beautiful.  And it’s all because of my beautiful sister!

On a different note, our hearts are going out to those poor people in Florida.  We were greatly relieved to hear that our friends, Cathy and Marc, who live in Miami, made it through okay.  And now Ivan is brewing out there, headed for who knows what poor coastline.  We can only pray that he heads to the North Atlantic and dies a harmless death.

Thought of Miss O’Hara earlier today when I caught a bit of a program on PBS about Deusenbergs!  While I know she’s partial to the Chevy line, and Corvettes in particular, this little program focused on the classic Deusenberg and I couldn’t help but imagine our dear Miss dressed in 1930’s style cruising on a sunny Saturday in a Deusy (whence the term “doozie” came from).  Check out for more information about these very interesting programs.

Also caught a glimpse of James Carville and Mary Maitlin with Tim Russert this morning.  Now there’s a prime example of the ability to compartmentalize!  I do not know how those two can be so far apart philosophically, and yet marry, have children, and supposedly get along in all areas but politics.  It absolutely blows my mind.  If I were Mary Maitlin (well, first of all, I would never have married Carville), but I might be tempted to smother the man in his sleep with a pillow.  He is SO obnoxious!  I just don’t understand it . . . One thing he kept harping on was how the Republicans “used that poor man in the twilight of his career” referring to Zell Miller.  Can you believe it?  He claimed that Karl Rove wrote the speech, but Mary insisted that Zell Miller wrote his own speech, and it was full of passion, like Miller.  I have to admit I’ve heard quite a few Republicans express concern over how angry Miller seemed when he was giving the speech.  I think he was angry, and with good reason.  Why is righteous anger seen as a bad thing?  I think more Americans need to get angry about what’s going on in our government.  The Dems have no problem getting angry.  The Republicans need to stop worrying about appearing nice, and start playing hardball. 

It’s like the Republicans show up in their tea party finest and the Dems are dressed out for a blood and guts rugby match.  I say, “Let’s spill some blood!  It makes the grass grow!”

Yes, I have a violent streak.  I try to keep it under wraps, except at events where it’s more acceptable . . . like hockey games and such. 

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