I hope that what Senator Zell Miller says is true . . .

and that a lot of Democrats out there actually support President Bush.  He wrote the following:

There are many Democrats like me, Democrats who believe in a strong military, and giving our military what it needs to get the job done.

When the Democrats met in Boston, they talked a lot about John Kerry’s service in Vietnam, but barely even mentioned his 20 years in the Senate.

Let me say as clearly as I can, what Lieutenant John Kerry did in Vietnam, is to be praised, and we should thank him for it every day, but not his shameful record on national defense as a U.S. Senator.  And not for voting to send our troops to war, but against the $87 billion to give them the equipment to fight that war.

I am honored to be speaking in New York, and I am proud to be a Democrat.  Mostly, I am proud to support President George W Bush.

I was encouraged by what former Mayor Koch said regarding the President, and I’m hoping that the Democrats that sent Zell Miller to Washington follow his lead and vote for President Bush as well.  I think there are a lot of Democrats out there that are Democrats in the same way that they are Smiths, or Browns, or Millers.  Their daddies, grand-daddies, and great-grand-daddies were Democrats and it’s a heritage thing.  They don’t realize just how far from real America the Democrats have moved.  Hopefully, with prominent Democrats speaking out in favor of the President, they will see the truth of what John Kerry stands for and realize that it is possible, and responsible, to vote for the man rather than the party.

I tell you, if I lived in Georgia, I’d vote for Zell Miller and I’m a Republican!

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  1. Awww, new piccie! CUTE! :DAnd I’m with you. I hope the REAL JFK (as in Kennedy) Dems pull for Bush, if there are any Dems left like that. Today’s Democratic party is, for lack of a better word, insane.


  2. I have to confess the “new” picture was actually taken before the “old” picture . . . but I got tired of the “old” picture and this was the only one I could get to upload.  It was taken at my hubbie’s 20th high school reunion last August.  I don’t have Xanga Premium yet (am hoping to get the lifetime one, but have to save the $$$), so I am limited in my creativity right now.
    I think there are some “old-time” Dems left.  I’m hoping that Zell Miller and his supporters motivate them to vote for President Bush. 


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