Does it bother anyone else that President Bush has asked that the ads regarding Kerry’s military service cease?

I love my president, but I am highly disturbed that he would ask this.  And it has nothing to do with “well, they did it, so why can’t we?”  It’s a matter of free speech.  I am against campaign finance reform because it stifles free speech.  Short of paying someone for their actual vote, I think all Americans should be free to shout from the rooftops their opinions regarding those in office or running for office.  Granted, some pocketbooks are deeper than others and can buy larger megaphones, but we all have voices and come in contact with many, many people every day.

How long before they shut blogs down like ours — blogs that say the same thing those ads do?

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  1. They can’t shut blogs down. They’d have to violate two (maybe more. I can only think of two off the top of my head) clearly precedented constitutional rights:1.Right to Privacy (xanga is not a public forum) and2.Free speech.


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