Your last meal: what is on the menu? West Texas Chili, Mexican Cornbread, and German Chocolate Cake — all washed down with sweet iced tea
You’ve only time to read one book you have been meaning to read for ages: what is it? Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens
The 3 Minute Warning sounds: what do you do? Find my loved ones and run!
Your lease stipulates you must choose: dog or cat? Dog (Pug to be specific), but only because I’ve had cats for years and I’m really getting tired of the litter box. No offense, guys! I still love you!
Moderate consumption of alcohol by professing Christians: is it a sin? Not if enjoyed responsibly. Of course, if consuming it is a stumbling block to someone else, abstinance is the respectful choice.
It’s really, really hot: what drink do you grab from the cooler? Icy cold Diet Dr. Pepper
You’ve committed a heinous crime: life in prison or death penalty? Dependent upon the degree of heiniosity (?), either.
You are married: who would you rather died first, you or your spouse? While I’m in no hurry to leave because I’d like to be around to see my daughter grow up, as well as any grandchildren — I can’t imagine being here without my hubby. That’s a tough one.
Your apartment is minute: which do you pick – guest room, study, laundry room? Laundry room — I vowed after college to never do coin-op laundry again.
The ensuite is even smaller so which would you rather install: tub or shower? Shower — It’s rare that I indulge in the luxury of a tub bath, so it’s not something I would miss terribly. Hopefully, the complex has a hot tub???
You can only wear one color for the rest of your natural life: what would it be? Blue, blue, blue, blue . . .
A little appreciated movie you think more people should watch: what would it be? Searching For Bobby Fisher — one of my favorites, based on a true story about a little boy who learns to play chess. Ben Kingsley plays his teacher. It’s awesome.
A movie you wish had never been invented to waste your time: help others by giving the title? Where to begin? There have been quite a few . . .
City or country: which would you pick if you had to live there forever? Country — I like the peace and quiet and privacy.
Which would you rather hubby brought home for you: chocolate or flowers? Chocolate flowers ;0)
A friend invites you to accompany her to synagogue: do you go? Sure! So much of the Christian faith is foreshadowed in the Old Testament and I think it would be fascinating to go.
A colleague/classmate invites you to attend his mosque: do you go? No. Period.
Your neighbour asks if you’d like to attend a spritualist meeting: what do you say? No. The Bible teaches against interaction with familiar spirits (demons in disguise, I believe). I don’t think it’s wise to play with spiritual fire.
One chicken breast left in the fridge: what do you cook? Texas Two Step Chicken Picante — Yum!
It;s your birthday: what sort of cake would you like your candles stuck in? German Chocolate Cake
Home birth: dangerous, peculiar or desireable experience? Frighteningly dangerous. My mom and I both almost died during the birth process, and I had to have a c-section myself when my daughter was born. There are just too many things that can go wrong. More power to those who are brave/crazy enough to try it. It’s just too big of a risk, in my opinion.
You are in a hot air balloon with John Calvin: might he be going over the side? No! Why would I do that?
A desert island is in your future: which one other person do you want to survive the shipwreck? In the real world — my husband. In the make-believe world — Mel Gibson.
You are being written into any work of fiction by any author: which book would you pick? This is tough. I love to read so much the choices are quite limitless. The Laura Ingalls Wilder books were a favorite as a child. Even when times were rough, they had family and friends and never starved. Maybe those.
You are due to be granted a talent you do not currently possess: what would you like to excel at? I’d like to play the piano.
Daddy promises you a car or a horse: which do you hope for? How about a Ford Mustang?
You get to pick the gender of your first child (don’t ask me how & yes you must decide!): do tell, boy or girl? Girl — I already have her, and she’s the most awesome child!
Surprise parties: cruel and unusal punishment or fantastic idea? Fantastic idea, because it means someone really loves you to go to all that trouble and keep it a secret. My husband threw a surprise party for my 31st birthday (because I wouldn’t be expecting it for that one) and it was wonderful.
There is a space on the chore rota and your name will fill it: doing dishes or ironing? Dishes. I am not very good at ironing and think that Downy Wrinkle Release spray stuff is the greatest invention since sliced bread.
A film is being made of your life: who should be cast to play you? This one’s tough to answer without sounding all “oh, I’m so cool” if they choose a popular actor? Anyway, I’ve always liked Sandra Bullock and her quirky sense of humor. She actually looks a lot like my sister, and she’s got the good sense to know how wonderful Texas is, so yeah. Sandra Bullock.


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  1. I loved The Black Stallion series, too.  My problem is I just love books, and so there are many, many choices . . .
    Have you ever read any of the Thoenes’ books?  Brock and Bodie?  They wrote “The Zion Chronicles” and “The Zion Covenant.”  And a whole lot more.  I LOVE their books.
    Francine Rivers is another favorite of mine.  The “Mark of the Lion” triology is awesome.


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