Thanks to Miss O’Hara for another fun quiz . . .

The Pride and Prejudice type: Truly an Austenite, this type is a Romantic at heart, but they always keep their head and are wary of melodrama. Lively, clever, and independent. These people are easily amused by their own foibles and the quirkly foibles of others. They lament society today, and dream of the time when guys were gentlemen and girls were ladies.

This is too funny, and fairly close to the mark!  I’m not sure that I always keep my head, but I certainly try to do so (unless I’m watching political commentary by some raving liberal, and then I am in danger of becoming completely out of my head with frustration and unladylike longing to knock some sense into the head of said liberal . . .)

The last comment about longing for days past is 100% on target.  I wish there were a way to slow down our society, yes, even rewind it back to the days when things didn’t move so fast, we actually got to know our neighbors, and manners were considered a good thing, not something just for old fuddyduddies and geeks.


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