Found this lovely little snippet at

Join the Jihad for John Kerry

I’ve not had a great deal of time to check out this website thoroughly, but it’s courtesy of The Federalist, and so I’m confident that it’s on target.  Looks like there’s a good bit of information about the true Kerry agenda, as well as the far left ties of Heinz Kerry and how she could be another Hillary in the making.  I’m looking forward to spending more time checking it out when I have the luxury.

Just a quick recap of our July 4th holiday — with more details to follow later:

Saturday (the 3rd), we had our annual cookout at our house.  My sister was scheduled to work on the 4th, and so we celebrated early so that she and my niece and nephew could be with us.  It was great, with good food, good family and friends, good fun.  I love having people over, and we had a great turnout with 17 people (including the three of us).

Sunday (the 4th), some of our other friends invited us to come out to their house on the canal.  Once again, lots of food, lots of fun — we took a boat ride out to the Surfside Bridge and watched fireworks, just a great time.

It’s late and I’ve got to run — but I will definitely write more soon. 

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