Just another way the liberals play fast and loose with the truth . . .

Kerry Wrong on “Sneak and Peek” Searches

Kerry’s Claim: The Administration conducts “sneak and peek” searches (delayed notification searches) that can be conducted “without any judicial oversight” and “without ever telling anyone.” (“Kerry Campaign Statement on New False Bush Ad,” http://blog.johnkerry.com/dbunker/archives/001782.html#more, 5/25/04)

The Truth: Kerry’s claim is false. A court order is expressly required before a delayed notification search can be conducted. Moreover, the statute requires that the subject of the search be notified after a reasonable period of delay. The amount of delay is determined by a judge. The Patriot Act requires standard judicial oversight – a search warrant or court order – before a search can be conducted. (PATRIOT Act § 213) And as Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) acknowledged in October of 2003, there have never been any reported abuses of the Patriot Act.

Kerry’s false claim that searches can be conducted “without any judicial oversight” and “without ever telling anyone” is just another example of John Kerry playing politics with the War on Terror.

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