No Small Drama Unfolding in Massachusetts . . . hopefully it will never make it to this point . . . info courtesy Mr. Boortz’ column: 

The Massachusetts legislature wants to make sure that their Republican governor, Mitt Romney, doesn’t appoint a (gasp!) Republican to fill the seat of John Kerry should he actually win this thing.  This week they are considering legislation that would call for a special Senatorial election within 120 to 145 days after Kerry’s Senate resignation.  In the meantime, the legislation would forbid the government from appointing a replacement.  Interestingly, the 120 to 145 day time frame is not sufficient for the federal government to make the necessary arrangements to insure that military men and women overseas will be able to vote in the special election.  That’s how much respect Mr. “I just have to get to Washington to vote on this veteran’s bill” has for our military.

Neal Boortz is a lawyer and nationally syndicated radio talk show host.

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