Shutter Samurai . . .

Like they said in the movie . . . “samurai” means “to serve.”  I met with my potential client at 4:30 and I think things went well.  I measured all their windows, promised to get a quote to them by Friday.  They were a nice couple with a beautiful home the construction of which they contracted themselves.  They told me that it cost them about half what it would have cost having a builder do it.  Wow!  The wife collects Fiestaware, so we chatted about that for a few minutes, and they have two dogs, one of which is an Australian Shepherd — so we had that in common, too.  I emphasized the quality of our product, and our awesome service — hopefully the quote will come in where they want it and we can do business.

When I got home, Jami and her buddy were splashing in the pool so AJ and I got to have a nice dinner and watch “The Last Samurai” uninterrupted.  Before any of you worry about two 8-year-olds splashing in the pool unsupervised . . . well, the pool is 35 inches deep and it’s right by the living room windows, so it was very easy to glance out there every few minutes and make sure that they were okay.  It’s actually a great set-up!

The movie was very good.  I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan because (a) he’s into Scientology and (b) I thought that whole Nicole Kidman/Penelope Cruz scenario was just shameful.  But I tried to enjoy the movie for its own sake and overlook Mr. Cruise.  The story was pretty good — I’m always a sucker for good war movies.  I’m not sure it qualifies as a “war” movie, but the battle sequences were pretty exciting and the characters were interesting.

I’ve got to go pull a load of towels out of the dryer and get some sleep.  Tomorrow is a busy day — two appointments in the a.m. and then quotes to do the rest of the day so I can deliver them on Friday.  I also need to work on our July budget and cash flow plan.  Ugh.  It’s a chore, but I swear things go so much better when I discipline myself to do it.

Have a good one —

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  1. Clark Howard (local radio guy in Atlanta) was actually on yesterday with someone from Underwriters Laboratories who was talking about how dangerous those things are. The pools, I mean, not movies. Supposedly the bottoms are slippery, so a kid can stand up, slip, fall over, get knocked unconscious, and drown. I hate to scare you, I’m just telling you what I heard.


  2. Thanks for the info, Reuven.  I don’t think we have anything to worry about though, because it’s one of those inflatable ring types that the sides go up on as the water level rises because the inflatable ring thing floats on top of the water level.  There’s nothing hard on it for a kid to hit his or her head on, plus it’s sitting on grass and we didn’t get the bottom smoothed out perfectly before filling it up, so there’s little ridges and wrinkles on the bottom kind of like the no-slip thingies you put in the bottom of a bath tub.
    And it’s kind of silly for me to say I watched the movie, because I kept looking out the window every couple of minutes to check on the kids . . . it’s a mom thing!
    It was very kind of you to be concerned though, and I will definitely keep an even closer eye based on what you’ve told me.  Have a good one!


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