Brief nod to the blog today.  I’ve got so much work to catch up on.  We’ve been away on and off all week helping take care of my mom-in-law.  She had to have surgery last Tuesday, but I’m happy to report that she is back home and getting around quite well.  It’s no small surgery when it involves clamping the carotid artery to do a bypass procedure!  Yesterday she got up, got dressed and was getting around the house really well.  We have to keep warning her not to over-do.  But she’s being a good patient overall.

I have to order a part for my husband’s riding mower — it conked out when he’d only done half the yard.  He was not happy.    He’s a little obsessive-compulsive about certain things in his life, like the yard and the garden.  Which is good, because our yard always looks so nice, and we always have nice veggies in season.

Then I have to take care of some window blind/shutter business.  And THEN I have to go to the grocery store because the cabinets are EMPTY!  We’ve been so busy going between the hospital and my mom-in-law’s home that I’ve not had a chance to restock our provisions! 

I’d better run for now.

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  1. Thanks for your best wishes — we are really pleased at how well she’s doing.  Fortunately, we’re near the Texas Medical Center — which is well-known for its share of talented physicians and nurses.  So she’s had the best of care.
    As for veggies — my husband grows tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, yellow squash, and jalapenos.  One thing we like to do with the cucumbers is peel them, slice them fairly thin along with onions (sliced in thin rings).  Mix all that in a bowl and then pour a mixture of oil, vinegar, sugar, thyme, and black pepper over.  Chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.  Great with barbeque on a hot summer’s day.  If it sounds like something you’d like, let me know and I’ll go rustle up the recipe and post it.
    Have a good one!


  2. That does sound tasty. I’m trying to grow habanero peppers in my garden. They’re supposed to be much spicier than jalapenos. They’ve been getting a bit too much water, though, and now that we’ve just had a storm, I’m a bit worried about them.


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