Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday weekend!  We had good friends come for dinner Saturday evening and the kids dyed eggs.  Then Sunday morning we attended church at Victory Fellowship in Brazoria (http://www.victorybrazoria.com  ).  It was wonderful.  Headed up to the cousins’ to have Easter dinner and visit with family and friends.  Ate way too much.  It’s a shame  there are so many good cooks in the family . . .

Saw John Kerry on the news this morning while I was waiting for Jami to finish getting ready for school.  He was speaking to a classroom full of college kids and he said, “If I were president TODAY, TODAY (emphasis added by me!) . . . this is what I would do . . . “

I laughed and told my husband in my best John Kerry . . . “BUT if I were president TOMORROW . . . . “

All his supporters should get little lapel pins shaped like flip-flops.  To quote Jimmy Buffett, hopefully the man will “blow out his flip-flop” before November.  Then he can “cruise on back home” — of course, it may take him a while to decide WHICH home to cruise to . . .

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