I’m trying to add a little to my journal and my grey tabby cat is intent on preventing me from doing this.  He’s lying between me and the computer monitor, occasionally jacking with the mouse and then letting his head roll over onto the keyboard.  It makes typing somewhat difficult.

I had a pretty stressful day today and it’s my own fault.  I got caught up in a debate over on another blog and got my Irish up (nevermindthefact that I’m not Irish — my husband’s grandmother is.  Does that count?)  Anyway, the majority of people posting to the comments section are extremely liberal and I actually wasted time trying to debate the issues with them.  I thought I presented my arguments in a logical, well-thought out manner — in return I was called a “nit-wit,” “ignorant,” “full of patriotic crap,” well . . . you get the picture.  When I made the mistake of pointing out that resorting to name-calling indicates someone is intellectually challenged and not able to debate the issues on their merits, another poster told me I couldn’t complain about name-calling if I was going to resort to same.

Personally, I don’t feel I was name-calling.  I think I was pointing out the obvious! 

In addition to the politically-charged conversations of the day, I went to do a blind installation this afternoon only to discover that the blind manufacturer sent the wrong installation brackets.  I called them asap only to discover that the brackets must come from the plant in Mexico, and it is very unlikely that they will get them sent out before the Easter holiday.  My poor client has been waiting weeks for these blinds . . . and now another delay.  Sometimes being my own business owner is not all it’s cracked up to be . . .

And then when I’m able to schedule things around my daughter’s school activities, or take a day to do something I want to or need to do . . . it’s good to be “Boss.”

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