I decided to try a new weblog community.  I’ve been using LiveJournal, but got bored with it, so we’ll see what happens with this!

I’m intrigued by the whole weblog phenomenon.  What motivates someone to spend time posting to a website that may or may not be read by others?  Do they do it for themselves or for potential readers, and do they write truth or mostly b.s.?

I’ve been reading a number of other weblogs for several months now.  I am somewhat addicted to The North Carolina Experiment ( http://www.thestudyofdesign.com/NC/index.php ), although we are polar opposites philosophically.  Beth Cherry is an excellent writer, even when she’s writing opinions that make me want to run screaming into the distance!   Her opinions are thought-provoking and make for excellent debate in the comments section of her blog.  I hope to have a similar effect on people someday.

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  1. I think most people ‘blog’ for many different reasons!  Supposedly the younger generation is now described as the “goldfish bowl” because everything they do, they write about for all to see.
    I think alot of it is for feedback, but it’s also to find a voice for the younger peeps, and it’s a great place to meet people. 
    I, for one, started blogging as an online diary.  A place to put thoughts, or fav quotes etc.  It ended up as something completly different though!  lol
    Happy blogging!  And hopefully, you’ll be happier here than at livejournal. 
    btw~I’ll be checking into Beth Cherry’s weblog you mentioned above.  You’ve got me curious now. 


  2. I originally started blogging here as a few of my friends were here and it was a good way for us to keep up with each others lives.  Really, I still blog for that reason mostly.  However, as more people have subbed, I also seek to influence people in some small way – or at least make them think at times. . .
    Additionally it is sometimes a way for me to relax by writing and just putting thoughts out there –


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