Warm Thoughts

I’ve developed a deep affection for my space heater. Actually, my husband’s space heater. It’s a big, chunky metal thing that makes a loud rattling noise as it blows warm air around my legs while I sit here tapping on my keyboard.

A lot of my friends (and family) are waiting anxiously for the end of winter. I have mixed emotions. Granted, this wet cold business can GO AWAY. I do not like being wet and cold at the same time. But I do love the weather when it’s chilly and dry. I went for a walk a few days ago and according to the weather app on my phone, it was only 35 degrees. With two pair of yoga pants and two sweatshirts, plus some gloves, I was actually quite comfortable on my one and one-half mile walk. The air was crisp and clean and I felt alive. And there’s something pleasant about coming back to a warm house (and space heater).

I’ll be okay through the spring, but when it starts getting hot, I’ll be waiting anxiously for the first cool front to come through again next fall. The heat and humidity bring on a kind of lethargy — I don’t want to do anything but turn the a/c way down, sit under a fan, and drink lots of iced tea. Going outside is misery, because the air is so thick and difficult to breathe.

I guess it would be safe to say I like my cold and my heat DRY. Both are much more bearable (and pleasant) that way.