A Little Sneak Peek

Our wedding photographer is still working on Jami and Dustin’s wedding photos, but she shared a little “sneak peek” with us via Facebook. (When I get the USB with all the files, I’ll share some better quality images – FB does a little compression thing that reduces quality on downloads. I couldn’t wait to share these, though.)

This one of my guy with our girl gets me in all the feels. There are no other people on this planet I love more than these two. He is the light of my life, and she is the sparkle.

And I guess I’ll admit that this new guy that joined the family last Sunday has a pretty special place in my heart, too. Even though he’s a bear at 6′ 5″, I’ll call him the “twinkle” that goes with my “sparkle.” Our family isn’t huge, but it’s a mighty fine blessing, and I’m so very grateful.

Photo credit: Starling Hope Photography

Image Magazine

The first issue of 2018 is now available and yours truly has THREE contributions within its pages! My first story in the spring of 2016 was about the Alvin Historical Museum, and readers enjoyed it so much that I was asked to continue with a series on the museums throughout Brazoria County. A few months later I pitched the idea of a series of short articles on the historical markers throughout the county. Thus were born two regular series: Museum Go-Round and Park at the Mark.

Park at the Mark: The Confederate Cemetery (page 28)

Out of the Storm: The Marguerite Rogers House Museum (page 30)

I also have a Writer’s Reflections  piece in this issue, thinking back on the half marathon I walked in 2017.

The Friendship Race (page 36)

I hope you enjoy my articles, as well as those of the delightfully talented writers I am honored to work with!

Keep choosing joy!


P.S. — In addition to writing our articles, we also do all our own photography, unless otherwise noted.


Where Did That Come From???

I’m almost 54 years old and I can count the times that it’s snowed where I live on one hand, with fingers left over. I’m not talking about flurries or a scant dusting on the deck. I’m talking about a good blanket that allows you to make a snowman and requires the wearing of rubber boots. I’ve seen that less than five times in my life.

Today’s surprise snowfall would have allowed for snowmen, except we’d already had several days of rain, so there’s mud under that pretty white blanket. Who wants to build a muddy snowman? Then there’s the fact that it’s December 8 in Southeast Texas and it was almost 80 degrees less than a week ago. The ground is still too warm for this to hang around for any length of time. In fact, it started melting just a short time ago, so I’m really glad I got out there and took these photos while I had the chance. (Click on each for captions.)

This may be all we get this year/decade… the last time was in 2003… or 2004. I forget. But when it’s here, it sure is pretty.


I’m in the middle of a re-boot of sorts. Moving stuff around in my office, hoping to make things a little more user friendly. One of the things I’ve done is move my computer to a standing desk. I find that when I’m working on the computer, I sit way too long without getting up and moving around. My hope is that I’ll move back and forth between the computer and my desk — doing some work standing and other work sitting, and reduce the amount of sedentary time each day.IMG_1215

It’s a quirky setup, but so far it seems to be working. I’m moving around more and I’m becoming a little more conscientious of my posture. Which is terrible. But won’t be for long. The other bonus is I now have a five foot table that is for the most part clear. The goal is to keep it that way. If I have business to take care of, I have room to spread out my papers and prepare quotes. Then the papers get filed and the table is clear if I want to work on a photo project (organizing, scanning, scrapbooking). But I have to put things away when I’m finished for the day. The trick will be disciplining myself to do that. I’m not always good at putting things away. But I’m working on it.


Brownie Hawkeye Camera
Brownie Hawkeye Camera

My guy took a personal day on Friday so we could take care of several errands, including installing some blinds for a customer before she went out-of-town for a week.  While we were out, I mentioned a garage sale I wanted to check out.  Truthfully, it’s not really a garage sale.  There used to be a resale shop in Sweeny, crammed full of all kinds of castaway goodies that were no longer of any use to their original owners.  When the ladies finally decided to close the door on their resale shop, they hauled everything home that didn’t sell in the “going out of business” sale.

Every couple of weeks, they send out an email to their former customers announcing their “garage sale,” which consists of all the stuff that didn’t sell.  I’ve never gotten a chance to go by there until Friday.  I went looking for EAPC (Early American Presscut glass, also sometimes referred to as “Star of David” glass), but they have sold most of that.  In fact, the one item they had that I wanted was just too rich for my blood.  A rare bowl, they were asking $125 for it.  Um, no.  Moving right along.

We were about to leave, and then I saw this sweet little thing.  A Brownie Hawkeye in the original box.  So exciting!  And only $10!  I’m pretty pumped about it.  I found a source for film and I’m seriously planning on ordering a few rolls so I can see if it still takes decent photographs.   If anything comes of my experiments, I’ll scan the prints and share them here.

Kodak Brownie "Fiesta" Camera
Kodak Brownie “Fiesta” Camera

I also found this little camera, a Kodak Brownie “Fiesta” which is about ten years older than I am.  I think finding film for it might be a bit more  challenging, but at $5 for the camera in its original box, and with the flash attachment — I am pretty pleased if only to have it for display purposes.   It was a great deal, as I discovered earlier this evening this same camera is going for around $20 on eBay!

“Winter Jewels”

I had an appointment in town earlier this afternoon and was captivated driving there and back by the icy “jewels” clinging to the trees along each side of the road.  When I was pretty close to home, I noticed the frozen beads decorating the pasture fencing and knew I had to grab my camera and go back for a few shots.  Enjoy!





While my husband and his sisters discussed business regarding the estate left behind by his father and stepmother, I took my camera for a short photo shoot around town in order to give them some privacy.  This little guy was waiting on the edge of the seawall, as if we had an appointment for his portrait session.  I normally don’t do a lot of editing to my work, but I decided to have a little fun utilizing some of the “tools/toys” available in Picasa.  I kind of like the way this shot turned out.  What do you think?