Catching Up

There’s been a lot of exciting stuff happening the last few months, but because there’s been A LOT of exciting stuff happening the last few months, I haven’t blogged about any of it. I’m going to try to catch up with a very picture-y blog post. Enjoy!

Isn’t he handsome? We went down to Galveston for the annual beach party in September. I don’t usually take selfies without makeup and wearing a cap, but I actually like this photo of us. I need to get over myself, don’t I?
On the way to Galveston, before the cap smashed my hair. LOL

Then we went to UH to spend Friday with our girl during Family Weekend. We had another social obligation on Saturday, so we weren’t able to go to the game with her, but we all enjoyed the time we did get to spend together. Thankfully, her guy and his buddies went up to Houston for the game, so she had a good time without us.

My sister-in-law is still very active in a sorority group from her high school years in Galveston. They have revived their tradition of throwing a formal, and now they do it for charity. This year’s theme was “Putting on the Glitz” and proceeds from the 1920s’ style bash went to The Ronald McDonald House. We had a great time for a worthy cause!

Because my husband is the extrovert that keeps me from holing up in our house for weeks and months on end, we ended up at the Galveston Greek Festival the next day… He grew up attending the festival and we try to go whenever we can. This year we were just a tiny bit disappointed (well, a lot disappointed…) We went Sunday afternoon, and by the time we got there, they’d sold out of the dinner plates. The gyros are good, but we are big fans of the dinner plate that is loaded with Greek yumminess like spanikopita, dolmas, salad with feta and kalamata olives, and pastitsio (a pasta casserole-y type thing that I adore). It was agreed that we will go on Saturday next year and make sure we get there EARLY.

Galveston Oktoberfest with AJ
Got to wear my scarf! First cool night of the year!
Martha, AJ, and me


I thought we were done for the month, but that slavedriver husband of mine yanked me up and out of the house the next weekend to attend the Oktoberfest at the Lutheran church in Galveston. This is another one of those where we are going to have to get there earlier. I know that beer is a huge part of the Lutheran/German experience, but I’m not a big beer drinker. There are craft booths in the church, but both years that we’ve gone, we didn’t get there until the booths were closing up. So NEXT YEAR I want to get there early enough to see what’s up with the crafty folk.

I think that is everything for now that can be addressed in this little “catching up” post. I do plan on posting some photos from when my New York daughter (my bio daughter’s best friend) came to visit for a week this past August. I will save that for another day, though.


Pop Tarts

I must confess, I borrowed this image from Google . . . and sadly, the blog where it first appeared no longer exists, so I have no way of crediting the photographer.
I must confess, I borrowed this image from Google . . . and sadly, the blog where it first appeared no longer exists, so I have no way of crediting the photographer.

Received the loveliest email earlier today.  When my girl visited her aunt in Washington, D. C. in July, her aunt took her to a little diner called “Ted’s Bulletin” the first night she was there.  Jami loved the food and was especially impressed by their homemade pop tarts.  So much so, that when she flew home a few days later, they stopped by to pick up a few “to go” for her to bring home to us.

The pop tarts were so yummy that I scoped out their website and ended up sending them an email to say how much we enjoyed them, and how we hoped to visit the diner in person someday when we visit my sister-in-law.  They replied that they were glad we enjoyed them, and they hoped to meet us in person someday.

But that’s not the email that I’m referred to . . . a second, unexpected email arrived today requesting our mailing address.  It seems that Ted’s Bulletin may be considering the sale of homemade pop tarts by mail order.  They need to test shipping methods, to see if the pop tarts will arrive at their destinations still looking like pop tarts, or just a box of sad pop tart crumbs.  So Ted’s Bulletin is mailing us some pop tarts and would like our feedback on how the pop tarts look when they arrive, and how they taste.

Maybe I should get a t-shirt that says “Ted’s Bulletin Pop Tart Shipping Research Analyst” or “Ted’s Bulletin Pop Tart Shipping Tester” . . .

Really looking forward to that box of homemade pop tart goodness.