Precious Life

A few days ago, I read an article written by a pro-choice columnist extolling the “freedom” provided by Roe v. Wade and how the law made abortion safer for women, if they so choose to have one.  It contained a graphic “crime scene” type photo of a woman who’d attempted to induce an abortion herself in a hotel room and died from blood loss.  I suppose the writer hoped this photo would persuade readers with its shocking content that all women should be able to obtain an abortion at any time that they so choose, for whatever reason, to avoid the tragic end this woman experienced.

Desperate people seek desperate means out of their circumstances — and somehow the pro-life movement has got to meet these people where they are and find alternative solutions for them — there is no reason that a woman’s life should be “ruined” by an unexpected pregnancy, but there is no reason the child’s should be “ruined,” either.  I do not want to get into the debate of “the life of the mother” . . . I do know people who have been advised by their doctors that they should not have any other children for health reasons and I respect that.  I’m just wondering if there’s a solution there, too (tubal ligation, etc.) to pro-actively take steps to prevent “accidents” so that abortion is never an issue?

This video is powerful — probably one of the best communications of the history of the abortion debate and it does not rely on sensational photos to convey its message.  Simple testimony of historical facts from 1973 through today.  Give it a watch.

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